At Havr, we aim to make access sharing easier with digital keys. Smartphones can now open doors using a new technology: Li-Fi. Although most phones are powerful enough to support this technology, not all of them can. Let's check if your phone is compatible.

Unsupported phone types

Some phones can't support Li-Fi, especially due to their flash control. This non-exhaustive list may change as we work to make more devices compatible and allow more and more users to access a whole new world of opportunities.

❌ Huawei Honor 5X
❌ Samsung A50
❌ Asus Zenfone 4
❌ Huawei P8

Flash compatibility test

BrightLock app has its own test that allows you to check whether your phone is compatible. To do this:

  • Install BrightLock app from the App Store (iOS) or Play Store (Android).
  • Launch BrightLock app
  • Carry out the flash compatibility test by pressing "Test my compatibility". This test takes a minute, during which you can familiarise yourself with how BrightLock works.
  • The result shows on the screen:

Your phone is compatible ✔️

You can use BrightLock app and create an account.

Your phone is incompatible

Retry the test but with the battery level 50% full at least, and without any other app running in the background: these two actions can free more power to your phone. If the test is still unsuccessful, your phone isn't supported, but this may change in the future! Try again after the next update. Meanwhile, we recommend that you use another phone or physical keys.

👉 Done the test and discovered that your phone is incompatible but it doesn't appear in the list of unsupported devices?

Help other users by contacting us via our Chatbot and telling us the model of the phone that failed the compatibility test. We will add it to the list ASAP.

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