Using physical keys, you don't really have a choice: either you give a key, or you don't.
Now, with BrightLock, there's a world of possibilities in between. Let's see which of them are best fitted to shared an access with service providers, freelancers. 

Let's say your sharing your Front Door with Anna, a great carpenter, who's going to fix you leaking roof. After choosing the door and selecting Anna, you get to this screen: 

Start and end dates

By default, the access start now and is unlimited. If the work starts in the future (eg. Next monday) then you can change the start date to reflect that.
Same for the end date. We recommend that you always add an end date, it's more secure. If Anna has to stay longer, no worries, you can always change the dates later. This article explains how.

Repeat the access

This neat feature lets you renew an access very easily. For example, if Anna tells you she'll be working every Monday from 9 am until 7 pm, select Monday  9 am as the start date, Monday at 7 pm for the end date, and renew the access every week!
This way Anna only has access when needed.

Admin access

Usually, service provider don't need (and should not get) an Admin access. Admin rights allows the person to share the key to other people, and isn't time limited, so be aware of that.


It is good practice to leave a note to a service provider. You can explain where the door is located, give instruction on the job, or anything else that can be helpful.

What's happening for Anna

You don't have to worry about explaining to Anna how to use BrightLock. She will receive an email with all the necessary information. If that's here first time using the BrightLock, then we'll explain her how to lock and unlock the door. 

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