To see your access details, just tap on a door in your home screen. 

A new screen appears, and you can access your information by scrolling down. Depending on if you're an admin or a user of this door, you'll get a different view. This is because admin and users have different rights. 


You get your access details, and can swipe left/right if you have several of them.
Every time, you get the following information:
• who shared you the access, possibly with a personal note
• start and end dates (day and time)
• the frequency at which it renews (if it does repeat)


If you have an Admin access, then you're not time limited. You have access to the following additional functionalities:
• the door activity journal
• user's management
• door settings: name, location, building

💡It is possible to have Admin access at some doors, and user access at others. 

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