You can get answers to your questions right in the app. To do so, you just have to tap your profile picture on the home screen. 

There, you'll see a section called - 🥁drums rolls... - Get Help.
There are 3 different ways to get help, depending on the context. 

Ask us a question

Here you can chat with us, and ask us anything. We do our best to answer as quickly as possible. 


That's usually the quickest way to get an answer to your question. We built many short tutorials (like this one) to help you in using BrightLock. You can browse through the tutorials, or search using keywords.


Hopefully you never have to go there. But in the unfortunate situation where you have a problem with your BrightLock, we compiled a list of the most common problems, with the best solutions. If despite this help you still experience a problem, send us a message using the live chat (Ask us a question). We'll do our best to solve it quickly. 

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