It starts in the home screen of the app. Or, if you are on a Business plan, you can also share accesses from your computer.

1. Tap on "Share Access" from your home screen

💡If your don't have this button on your home screen, that means you have no key that you can share.

2. Choose which door(s) you want to share

You can share any door of which you're the owner or admin.

3. Choose who you want to share with

You can either choose from the list of users you've already interacted with on Havr, or share via email or SMS (sharing by SMS will be available in the coming months). 

4. Choose the access settings

By default, the access you send starts now and isn't time-limited.
You can change that, and decide when it starts and ends (day and time).
You can repeat this access (eg. every Monday morning) and provide Admin rights.
To know more about the Admin status, I recommend reading this article. 

We take care of the rest

We notify your contact of the new access you just shared. If he/her hasn't used a BrightLock yet, we'll get him up to speed!

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