Changing your BrightLock's batteries is child's play. You don't need to take it apart: simply gather 4 new AA batteries.

  • Open the back cover to access the battery compartment.

  • Remove the used batteries by pulling the black ribbon. Recycle the used batteries properly in line with local provision.

  • Insert the new batteries as shown below. Don't forget to tuck the ribbon behind the rear batteries.

  • Put the cover back on and press the control button once to reactivate. Your BrightLock now has full power and will keep you just as secure as it did the first day.

When fully charged batteries are installed, your BrightLock can run an average of 5000 open/close cycles. This may vary if the Wi-Fi connection is unstable or weak, or if the lock mechanism struggles to work (badly fitted, worn, etc).

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