You're standing in front of a door with a BrightLock, your phone is in your hand and BrightLock app is running. Having selected the right key, you press the "Press to flash" button and the flash starts up, but once the sequence has finished there is no response from BrightLock (except perhaps a red light: see the article here).

Change position

For the code to be read properly, your phone needs to be held at the right angle and the right distance from the optical fiber. If these are slightly wrong, BrightLock may not be able to detect the flashing code.

The perfect position for best results is:

  • Holding your phone about a hand's width from the door

If it's too far away, the light loses its intensity and doesn't reach the sensor. If it's too close, the light bounces off the cylinder and phone, creating interference.

  • Holding your phone parallel to the door

Make sure the phone is facing and nicely parallel to the door as much as you can. This stops the light bouncing off as much as possible. To make things easier, we recommend that you hold your phone horizontal in landscape orientation.

  • Making sure that the phone's flash is right by the optical fiber lens

Different phones have their flash in different places. Most often, they are in the top right, but can also be on the left or in the middle. Find where yours is and move your phone so the flash lines up with BrightLock fiber lens.

You also need to hold the phone in place for the entire flashing code sequence, which can last 5 seconds. If you move the phone away before the sequence has finished, not all the information will have been transmitted and so the code won't be recognised by BrightLock.

Clear the optical fiber

To be able to receive and transmit the flashing code, the optical fiber lens must be clean and clear.

Make sure nothing is blocking or affecting the flashing code's ability to reach it.

Check BrightLock's battery level

If BrightLock's battery is dead, it can’t respond. You can check the battery level by selecting the corresponding door in BrightLock app.

The battery indicator is just under the door name. The percentage tells you how much power remains. The visual indicator changes colour depending on the battery level:

  • Grey indicator: the battery has enough charge.
  • Orange indicator: the battery will soon run flat. If you can't change the batteries right away, make sure you do it as soon as possible.
  • Red indicator (and empty icon): the battery is totally flat and BrightLock doesn't have enough power to work.

In case of a red indicator, we suggest you use BrightLock's physical key to enter and change the batteries soon. We explain how to do this here.

Check your smartphone is compatible

Another key element for a right flash code transmission is the smartphone used: your phone should be able to reproduce the unique, complex message at a particular frequency.

If it doesn't have enough power, your phone might not be able to reproduce the signal correctly, which would mean BrightLock won't be able to detect it.

To test whether your smartphone is compatible with BrightLock app, go to your account menu:

  • Select "Flash compatibility"
  • Press the "Test my flash" button
  • A series of flashes at different frequencies will automatically start up. The app tests your phone's performance, which takes about a minute.
  • At the end of the test, you are told the results. If your phone has passed, you know that you can use BrightLock app on it. If not, we suggest you test another smartphone.

Update the app

Keeping BrightLock app up to date limits bugs and security issues. To check you have the latest version, go to the App Store (iOS) or Play Store (Android).

  • Once in the store, enter "BrightLock" in the search bar.
  • Select BrightLock app
  • If there is an "Update" option, press it. If it just says "Installed", your app is already up to date!

If the problem continues despite this, uninstall then reinstall the app. You won't lose access because it's linked to your account.


If none of these solutions have worked, you can contact us:

  • From the app

In the account menu, go to the "Get help" section, then select "Ask us a question" where you will find our Intercom instant messenger.

  • From the Help Center

The black chat bubble in the bottom right puts you in contact with the Havr help team via Intercom.

  • By email

Simply reply to any email sent by Havr to automatically be put in contact with our team.

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