Using BrightLock app as an administrator, you can share door access rights with other people. You can customise every element (dates, times, type of access right, etc.) and change or remove the access right at any time.

1. Select the "Share access" icon

In BrightLock app, select the "Share access" icon on the main screen and choose the door, or door group, that you want to share.

You can also do this from the screen for the door you want to share.

2. Choose assignees

Choose who you want to give access to in your list of contacts with a BrightLock account.

If your assignee doesn't yet have an account, enter their email address in the relevant box. They will receive an email explaining that you want to give them access to a door and inviting them to create an account using this same email address.

3. Setting up this access

Access rights

By sharing access, you can choose what rights users have.

If you want them just to be able to unlock the door, choose "User".

If they will also be managing the access, choose "Admin".

To learn more about access rights, click here.

Access dates

Finally, you can choose when the user can unlock a door with a BrightLock by setting start and end dates for their access period.

The settings chosen will apply when sharing access with all those you have previously selected.

And that's it! You have invited new users to access BrightLock.

Changing or removing an access

If you want to learn how to change or remove a user's access rights, see the "Changing or removing an access" article.

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