Open with my smartphone's flash

With BrightLock you can now open your door easily with your smartphone.

Quick Opening

Open your BrightLock app and place your smartphone's camera in front of the cylinder. The app will read the QR code and the flash will start. Done, your door is open!

Select your key from your Favorites 

Swipe and select the right key, place your phone in front of your cylinder. The flash starts and your door opens. 

From your groups 

Swipe upwards to find the quick search functionality and your door groups: 

  • Select the group to show the doors it contains
  • Choose the corresponding door
  • Place your phone in front of the cylinder
  • Select "Tap to flash"

The flash will be triggered and the door will open!


  • Make sure you direct the flash at the optical fibre at the bottom of the cylinder. 
  • Also take care with the distance between the phone and the fibre. The phone shouldn't be too close or far away. The perfect distance is about 10 cm (a hand's width).
  • Holding the phone horizontal, as if you were taking a photo in landscape format, helps to get the right position. Like this! 👇

Close your door 

To lock your door, you can use the flash in the same way you open, or the physical key.

From the inside with the control button 

The control button is like a bolt: turn the control button on the BrightLock to lock your door and vice versa to open it. 


With your physical key

BrightLock comes with 4 keys. It means you can still use your BrightLock as a traditional lock if you want. 

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