Now you're a BrightLock owner, you're probably keen to test it out. However, before you open the box and start fitting the lock on the door, there are a few things you must do.

Install the app

BrightLock app is the interface between you and the lock itself. It allows you to control it and is designed to guide you through the fitting.

  • Search for "BrightLock" on the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android)
  • Download BrightLock app

Create an account

This account will mean you can be identified by BrightLock and send or receive BrightLock access rights. 

  • Open BrightLock app
  • Follow the instructions to create your account. Choose an email address you trust and for which you can remember the password. 
  • To finish setting up your account, you will receive an email. Click on the verification link in the email. 
  • Go back to the BrightLock app and log in.

Follow the guide!

BrightLock app will guide you step-by-step through the fitting process. Inside BrightLock packaging you will find the installation manual: there is a reminder of the previous steps and, more important, there is on the back the QR code you need to activate your BrightLock.

There you have it: you're all ready to start fitting. To find out what to do next, click here.

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