Before moving over to BrightLock, you need to learn more about your cylinder: If the door is to lock properly, the cylinder must be the perfect size. 

To help you avoid any issues, here we will look at how to measure the European cylinder in the door where you want to fit BrightLock.

Measuring cylinder size

To begin, simply fetch the key for the cylinder you want to measure, a cross-head screwdriver and a ruler or tape measure. 

  • Using your screwdriver, remove the lock screw on the edge of your door.
  • Using the key to help you, slide your cylinder out of the door. If you have problems getting the cylinder out, try again while slightly turning the key.
  • Once the cylinder is out, position the ruler or tape measure so it runs from one end of the cylinder barrel to the other.

You can find out the cylinder size by measuring each way (left and right) from the end of the barrel to the centre of the screw hole. 

The most common cylinder sizes are 30 x 30 mm and 35 x 35 mm.

Asymmetric cylinders

You may find that your cylinder is asymmetric (30 x 35 mm, 35 x 40 mm, etc.) If this is the case, first go by the external dimension (the part of the cylinder that goes outside the room), then the internal dimension (the part of the cylinder that goes inside the room).

You can now choose the right-sized BrightLock for your door. BrightLock is currently available in 30 x 35 mm and 35 x 35 mm cylinder sizes. Other cylinder sizes are only available on request. To learn how to fit BrightLock, click here.

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