To be able to install BrightLock, all the following criteria must be met:

The access is a front or inside door

 Although BrightLock is IP54 certified (protective rating from the EN 60529 standard), we strongly recommend using it only in places protected from the weather. 

BrightLock is ideal for:

  • A front door (with BrightLock on the inside)
  • An inside door (office, bedroom, storage, etc.)
  • A machine room

Furthermore, we can't guarantee that BrightLock will work properly on entrance gates, garage doors, security gates or any other access that could expose the lock to the weather.

The door has a cylinder lock

BrightLock has an integrated, patented cylinder which relays information from your smartphone flash to the main housing on the other side of the door. Note that BrightLock replaces your old cylinder lock.

If your door currently has a European cylinder, BrightLock can be fitted no matter the lock style:

  • Mortice lock (the mechanism is hidden in the door)
  • Rim lock (the mechanism is housed in a metal box that sticks out on the inside)
  • Multipoint lock (a surface lock with fixed metal surrounds and locking points at the top and bottom of the door). 

However, locks where you have to lift the door handle to secure them aren't compatible with BrightLock. 

If your door doesn't have a cylinder — for example, if it's keyless or a lockable bedroom type door — or has a special lock (like a deadbolt-style American lock or an automatic lock), BrightLock can't be fitted.

The cylinder must be european style

We have decided to give BrightLock a high-quality European cylinder which is suitable for most locks. 

The old cylinder will be replaced by the BrightLock, so their shape must be identical.

If you have a Swiss cylinder (oval cylinder), round cylinder or half-cylinder (only visible on one side of the door), BrightLock can't be fitted.

Other criteria

Decorated lever handle and pull handles: compatible

Locks with an oblong or round lever handle don't stop BrightLock being fitted as long as they provide a flat surface. 

Front doors with pull handles (still handle on the outside) are also compatible with BrightLock.

Protective escucheons and other lock accessories: incompatible

Protective escucheons prevent BrightLock from being fitted because the optical fibre that transmits the flash code is hidden by the escucheon and stops it working. 

Lock accessories like door chains and bolts don't prevent BrightLock from being installed, but can stop it working properly. BrightLock can't control accessories. This means that if a bolt is drawn, for example, the door can't be opened just by using BrightLock.

Voilà! Now you have worked out if your door has the features needed for you to be able to fit BrightLock, we're going to look at how to choose the right cylinder size. 

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