The optical fiber you can see on the outside communicates with you via different coloured lights. These tell you the state your lock is in. To understand these lights, follow the guide.

You thought you had access to this door, but having used your flash, you are just getting red lights. There are several possible solutions:

Check it's the right key

The flashing code might not have been recognised, perhaps because it's not the one BrightLock is expecting. Make sure the key name matches the door. If you have used the QRCode scan, it could be that the QRCode on the lock is wrong. If this is the case, contact BrightLock owner.

Make sure your access is still valid and within the right timeframe

Note that there may be start and end dates for your access so it may have expired. You access can also have permitted entry times outside which access is refused (a red light will display). You will find all this information in the access details at the bottom of the corresponding key page.

Get rid of problem light sources and perfect your position

If you have the right access and it's still valid, the sequence may not have been recognised by the lock. Try it again, making sure that the smartphone's flash is close enough to the optical fiber. Follow our advice on how to position your phone.

Check BrightLock's Wi-Fi connection

If the problem continues, it's because the lock hasn't managed to connect to the local Wi-Fi network. If this happens, contact us via our Chatbot and one of our team will help you.

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