Customize the access you share 

When you buy and install a BrightLock, you become the owner. You can share different types of access with different level of rights.

You can have different access for different doors. It means you can be a user of one access and be the admin of another. 

For each access you can find all the info related to it from your mobile app. 

Access rights  

User access

If you are User, you have limited access rights. You can open and close the door you have access to, but you can't share this access, nor follow who comes in and who comes out. 

Admin access

If you are Admin, you can close and open the door, but also see the information related to the lock: who has access, who comes in and who comes out. You can share, modify and revoke a User access.

Owner access

If you are Owner, you have exactly the same rights as the admin but you can also modify and revoke Admin access. 

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