We do all we can to keep your BrightLock secure. Thanks to our Security by Design approach, we offer a solution that tackles major issues to do with security, IT and mechanics.

  • Light use
  • Data encryption
  • Mechanical protection
  • Control your environment
  • A responsible infrastructure

Light use

Li-Fi and VLC

Thanks to an algorithm we have developed, the Havr mobile app can control a phone's flash to generate a unique flashing code.

This code is like Morse code. We use a technology called VLC (Visible Light Communication). VLC uses a light spectrum visible to the naked eye: low-latency Li-Fi (Light Fidelity).

VLC technology is based on electromagnetic waves in the visible wavelength. The light signal therefore can't travel through opaque surfaces. This limited range reduces its reach and keeps better control of the signal environment.

Unique light sequences

This flashing code allows us to transmit requests to lock and unlock to the lock itself. The information in these requests is coded as a sequence.

Each time the lock is used, the code produced is worked out using a secret shared between the lock and mobile device. This means it's a single-use code. Any attempt to re-issue a code already used will fail.

Our mobile app can also generate over a billion different sequences. It's extremely difficult to predict or guess the right code. Brute force attacks won't work either. With a minimum processing time of around a second, it's hard to see how it would be possible to test a large enough number of combinations, given this irreducible time limit.

Data encryption

The lock contains a robust electronic component which increases security. This component provides encrypted data storage, manages security certificates and also enables encryption tools required for the solution to be used. This is a must-use component for satisfactory security levels. Finally, all communications between the lock and Havr servers are encrypted.

Mechanical protection

BrightLock has a cylinder made by locksmithing professionals Thirard. This cylinder has 8 anti-piercing and anti-picking pins. This helps prevent burglary.

Control your environment

Our solution also uses the security solutions offered by the devices you use. For example, the Havr mobile app is protected by integrated authentication systems like Face ID and fingerprint scanners.

Because you can use the web platform with different phones, you can remove someone's access at any time to keep control if a device is stolen or lost. Finally, user sessions are unique (one active mobile only).

The lock's features mean administrators are informed of everything it does. They can access records of who goes in and out. Intruder detection, which is integrated in the lock, alerts you to any suspicious activity.

All this means you can track the lock's activity with peace of mind.

A responsible infrastructure

The lock has been designed in a secure wider environment. The Havr servers and databases have significant encryption measures. The company's IT system focuses on security.

Finally, each of our staff members are trained in and made aware of security issues, which helps guarantee BrightLock will be secure.

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