BrightLock is the first lock that uses light as a key.

How does it work?

Thanks to an algorithm we have developed, the Havr mobile app can control a phone's flash to generate a unique flashing code.

This code is like Morse code. We use a technology called VLC (Visible Light Communication). VLC uses a light spectrum visible to the human eye: low-latency Li-Fi.

Li-Fi (Light Fidelity) is a wireless communication technology that uses light. To learn more about Li-Fi and its advantages, read this article.

How is light secure?

A unique anti-piracy solution

We have chosen light as a key to reduce how far information travels.

To unlock your door, you need to use your phone's flash while holding it up to the lock.

The flashing code is concentrated on one area, meaning anyone who is up to no good won't be able to intercept it from a distance.

A code that's impossible to copy

The code generated by the mobile app is single-use. Once it has been used, it becomes obsolete and a different flashing sequence will be triggered the next time.

You don't need to change the code yourself: the app does it for you automatically.

Even if someone did try to copy the code, it wouldn't work the next time.

An interference-free solution

Light also considerably reduces wave interference.

If your home has other smart systems (coffee machine, smart printer, etc.), your lock won't interfere with them.

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