Meet BrightLock, the world’s first and only LiFi smart access solution.Let anyone open any door with their smartphone flash. 

BrightLock is composed of:

  • A Control Button
  • A battery compartment
  • An euro-profile cylinder
  • An optical fiber

The principle

At Havr, we've decided to combine the robustness of the traditional cylinder with the agility and smartness of electronic control, using a brand-new technology: the Li-Fi. 

Unlike Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, this coded data transmission system is based on light. BrightLock app uses a smartphone's flash to send a flashing code (like Morse code) that is received by the optical fibre and sent to the lock's box on the inside of the secured room. If the sequence is right, the motor unlocks the door and you can go in! 

To find out how BrightLock works, we recommend the "Getting Started" and "Installation" articles.

Smart access for the smart organisation

The BrightLock ecosystem is a package of apps (iOS & Android), a web app ( and hardware products that fundamentally transforms how access to your infrastructure is given and managed. 

Its mission is to help you secure and control your infrastructure, whilst also allowing you the flexibility of smart and digital access in order to adapt to the increasing complexities of access management for 21st century workforces and workflows.

With the BrightLock ecosystem, your organisation can rid itself of keys by giving all who need it, the opportunity to open your doors with their phone. This will help you simplify, streamline, and better control access to your organisation’s infrastructure.

Light to open your doors 

Conventional locks have served us well for centuries. But keys are expensive. People lose or forget them. They’re a hassle the modern organisation can’t afford. BrightLock means you never need to cut another key. Ever again.

It’s the only smart access solution out there to combine enterprise-strength scalability for a B2B environment with a simple, intuitive, consumer-grade user experience.

Cut costs without compromising on security. Take back control of your infrastructure. Build the agile organisation you need to meet the challenge of smart workplace management. 

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