How the BrightLock is powered?

BrightLock uses 4 classic AA batteries. They can be rechargeable, or not. Just don't mix rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries and always replace used batteries with ones that are in good condition and fully charged.

How long do BrightLock's batteries last?

BrightLock's batteries last 6 months if the door is locked and unlocked using the motor 10 times a day. This battery life depends on how often the lock is used and how powerful the Wi-Fi signal is.

How to monitor battery level

Monitor from BrightLock app

When the battery level gets low, lock administrators are notified via their mobile app. At 20% battery, an initial notification is sent. A second notification is sent when the level reaches 10%.

Monitoring from the web platform

The web management platform allows you to monitor locks if you are their owner or administrator. You can quickly see the remaining battery level for all BrightLocks for which you are an administrator and are notified when a lock's battery level drops too low.

To learn more about monitoring the battery, see the "Monitoring BrightLock battery level" article.

To learn how to change the batteries, see the "Changing the batteries" article.

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