Losing your phone or running out of battery can sometimes be quite limiting. BrightLock is a hybrid solution, meaning you can always unlock your door with a physical key.

Use another smartphone

If your phone has been stolen or lost, or you are out of battery, don't panic! You can always access your personal account on another smartphone (a friend's or neighbour's perhaps). Simply download BrightLock app and log in using your usual details. You will then be reunited with all your access rights.

If the person already has BrightLock app, log them out by going to the account menu and selecting "Log out" at the very bottom.

Once you have finished, make sure you log yourself out.

Use conventional keys

BrightLock is a hybrid system, so you can always use one of the four physical keys that come with the lock. To learn more about the keys, click here.

I've lost my phone: how can I make sure nobody unlocks my door?

If you have lost your device or had it stolen, you can remotely remove the missing phone from your account.

By doing this, if someone manages to unlock your phone, they won't be able to use BrightLock app and your account to open a door.

  • On havr.io, log into your account from the customer area.
  • Select "My devices" in your account menu.
  • Remove the missing phone from the list of active devices. The device in question will no longer be linked to your account and won't store any information about it. However, your account will maintain your existing access rights.
  • To keep using your BrightLock, log into your account using the app on any smartphone and you will be reunited with all your access rights.

If you find your missing phone, you can reactivate it by logging into your account from the app.

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